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Selection & Assessment

Learn how you can have the ability to select the right candidate for the right position….. the first time.

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Process Development

Working in partnership with leaders, teams and organizations to help remove barriers and achieve goals.

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Leadership Training

Enhance your leadership and team effectiveness through our customized training programs.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Testimonial
    Fritz Craiger, Account & Staffing Manager, IMX course graduate

    "All in all, I was moved by the session. I'm not good at self-evaluation, but you drew it out of me today. I give you a "10" as your feedback! There are some items that the session brought to the surface that I need to re-assess and face the Reality. I will be a happier, stronger person as a result of making some changes. Thank you. I look forward to attending the next session."

  • Greg Bartek, Sales Manager-Thorton Brothers , Sales Performance

    "If you believe in having a selling system, it would be time well spent to have Results Group deliver team development and one on one coaching. Their ability to get people "engaged" and "involved" is awesome. Results Group will bring your team's level of understanding and working knowledge to a whole new level."

  • Greg LaMair, LMC Insurance and Risk Management,

    "Bryan presented a sales workshop and another on advanced questioning at our annual shareholder meeting.  Both were outstanding and the feedback from those attending was this was our best meeting yet."

  • Michelle Bisno - President – Achievement In Motion, President - Achievement In Motion

    "Thank you so much for a great training session and so many amazing ideas for my business. You are both such gifted trainers and giving people.  Thank you for all of your insight and knowledge."    

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Our Mission

The bottom line is RESULTS. The Results Group LLC exists to get results for its clients. If you are passionate about your people, your future, your industry and YOUR RESULTS, then contact us today!


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