Keynote Seminars Caveman To Craftsman-How to Communicate in Today’s Ever Changing Environment

Driving efficiencies in an organization is rooted in good communication. Different departments have different priorities, even though they are part of the same team. This creates conflict and confusion, which leads to lack of productivity and eroding profits. Invest two hours of time to learn the tools you need to communicate with even the most difficult individual.

Session Attendees will learn:

  • To better understand, communicate and manage employees, customers and co-workers based on four distinct communication styles
  • Successful strategies to deal with stress, lack of communication and behaviors
  • How to earn trust from a prospect quickly
  • Gain understanding of their own behavioral and motivational style
  • Experience the advantages of high-performing teams over traditional work groups
  • Understand the essential ingredients of teams and how to create them
  • Fun, accurate and user-friendly means to connect with challenging individuals
  • Easy to remember and immediately applicableSession Length: 120-Minutes


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Course Information
  • Location:Johnston, IA
  • Day:M
  • Time:11-00am - 2-00pm

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