Keynote Seminars Navigating Change: A Personal Journey of Empowerment a Fresh of CHANGE!

An insight on how to understand how different people view and handle change. Session includes a personal ADVanced Insights report.

The objective of this session will be to provide an understanding of how different people view and handle change.

Session Attendees will learn:

  • A personal perspective on how they handle change
  • The three dimensions that affect how people view the world around us and manage change
  • Why some are fed by change while others are de-motivated by change
  • A personal plan of how to deal with change based on each individual’s three dimensions
  • How to identify another’s view and how to work cohesively towards a common goal
  • To create a common language among team members moving towards change
  • A greater understanding of self and others and how it affects change management
  • Real world applicable options for self and others to navigate change

This program includes:

Pre-Work prior to session

  • A personal 65-75 page Advanced Insights report showing their three dimensions
  • Post session homework on navigating change with others around them
  • Engaging and fully applicable activitiesSession Length: 90-Minutes


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Course Information
  • Series:Keynote Seminars
  • Location:Johnston, IA
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Bryan Arzani

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