Keynote Seminars What’s Your Genius? How the Best Think About Success

The Industrial Economy is Dead! Are You Positioned to Compete in Today’s Intellectual Economy? 80% of the United States’ GDP is now in services not manufacturing. In the intellectual age, people are the new raw material. The real value of an employee in today’s organizations is based on their ability to think, not do. We can no longer throw bodies at problems.

Session Attendees will learn:

  • Results of a seven year study and 300,000 people followed… what is the commonality among those who are hyper-successful?
  • Why are some people able to work less and achieve more while others struggle?
  • The dynamic differences between the Industrial Economy and Intellectual Economy and
    what to do about it!
  • So WHAT now WHAT? Tactics you can apply today that will initiate the action towards
    your professional dreams and aspirations!Session Length: 90-Minutes


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Course Information
  • Location:Johnston, IA
  • Day:MTW
  • Time:3-00pm - 4-30pm

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