By Jennifer Erickson


Leadership is influence.   That is a simple, one-word definition for a subject that gets eviscerated verbally and in print over and over again, day after day.  We place “leadership” under a microscope, jammed between two glass plates, and watch it for signs of direction into its core.  But, it may be just as simple as that… recognize that leadership is influence.

As leaders, we have tremendous power.  We can use our leadership (skills, position, dreams) to influence anyone who comes in contact with us.  They don’t necessarily have to be on our team, working together year after year.  We can influence a person through one contact.

We also don’t have to be physically present with them.  We can influence a person through an article we write, or a blog we post.  We can influence someone if they overhear a conversation we have with another person, or if they listen to a podcast we record.  Leadership…..Influence…Tremendous power.

How are you influencing?  Do you take seriously the power you have, as a leader?  Dismissing it damages it.  Pretending it doesn’t exist damages your followers.

Empowerment is a way to pay homage to the influence you have over others and yet pass it on to others.  Give them the torch to bear.   Engage, Teach, Validate, Empower.




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