By Bryan Arzani

Many leaders will say they love to control things.  They think that because they are a leader, they must control the outcome, the earnings report, the project or presentation.  Yes, leaders are responsible for outcomes, but they can’t control them.  Leaders create an environment and culture that is conducive to empowerment of team members and that values learning as a conduit to greatness.  Leaders do control something….their response to an event.  When an event occurs, a leader must learn to pause (gather thoughts), consider the possible variety of actions (think systemically), and decide on the best course of action.  Again, if you behave in a manner of flying off the handle, yelling, blaming, and making excuses….don’t be surprised when your team members act this way.  Acquire the skills to control your response to an event.

With the gift of leadership comes a tremendous responsibility.  You have the power to affect a person’s life.  This can be negative or positive.  This can be a short-term effect or a long-term effect.  Very sobering thoughts!!  Because of this influence, don’t you want to be the very best you can be?  Companies don’t stop growing.  Our world doesn’t stop changing.  Information abounds; it is ours for the taking.  So, make a commitment not just to your team members, but to yourself.  Lead by learning.  Gather information, make changes in your behaviors, become more self-aware.  There is no down-side to this.  Everyone benefits.


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