By Jennifer Erickson

This is a continuation of the topic in August’s articles.  Using power questions for success is a different approach for many.  We are taught to extol our virtues (and those of our company). We memorize data about a company with which we want to do business, in order to tell them that we understand them.  We talk, talk, talk in order to build relationships, gain new business, and influence others.

Using power questions can help you connect more quickly than you could have imagined.  When a connection is made, relationships deepen and business partnerships are forged.  In their book Power Questions, authors Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas explore this idea that asking thought-provoking questions can get you much further with a person than first thought.  Asking the right questions shows you have listened.  It shows you are able to connect a pain of this person to a potential solution.  When we ask the right questions, we are invited into the person’s world and how they view it.  This allows us to gently challenge the person to think differently.  We can help them reframe a problem, which may lead to a solution in a manner that was easier than first thought.  This reframing occurs, because you have asked powerful questions.







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