By Bryan Arzani

Power questions give you the power to energize a conversation, give it new life, and get directly to what needs to be discussed.  Most would agree that when talking with someone, the first couple of questions they toss out are just a trial drone.   They really aren’t the large rocket that is the topic burning in their brains.  So instead of directly answering that trial drone, we ask another question.  A power question. One that requires the person (potential client, business, partner) to get specific (thinking about that rocket).  Now, we can answer a question that is really important to them, and has the power to deepen our connection with the person.

It is all right to answer a question with a question.  I often do this when providing coaching services to leaders or when talking with a potential business partner.  I also use it when a business partner has become “stuck” and is asking us for a service that may not even truly help the company.  This is because the right questions aren’t being asked.

Useful questions are:  “how long has this been going on?”, “what makes it a priority now?”, “how is this hurting your business?”, “how have you leveraged this in the past?”, “what would you like to do more of?”, “what would you like to do less of?”.

In next month’s blog, we’ll go deeper into this topic.  More examples of Power Questions will be provided, and we’ll talk about application.




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