Genius Leadership 102 Series Workshop-Practices of Empowering Leaders

This session provides leaders with the tools and skills to change their behavior from the traditional practices of controlling and directing to coaching, facilitating and empowering.

In this seminar, participants will learn:

• How to have a driving passion to realize their vision
• Empowering leaders are egoless and humble
• To build and sustain trust within their followers
• How to inspire commitment and motivation of their followers
• How to be organizational and social architects
• To act and institute change from position beliefs about people and situations

Participants will have learned skills and lessons to take back to their own workplace. We have applied for 2.5 hours of strategic recertification credit for this workshop.

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Course Information
  • Title:genius-102
  • Series:Genius Leadership 102 Series
  • Location:Johnston, IA
  • Day:M-F
  • Time:8:30 - 12:00

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