Genius Leadership 101 Series Workshop-Fundamentals of High Performance

Successful implementation of organizational strategy and business development plans often relies on the success of the team that is responsible for implementation and execution. The purpose of this program is to help participants understand, create, and maintain themselves as high-performance teams within their organization.

In this seminar, participants will learn:

• Learn the definition of a high performance team and how it differs from traditional work groups
• Recognize the three elements of high-performance teams
• Identify four types of teams
• Understand the stages of team development

Participants will have learned skills and lessons to take back to their own workplace. We have applied for 2.5 hours of strategic recertification credit for this workshop.

Complete the form below for registration details.

Complete the form below for registration details.

Course Information
  • Title:genius-101
  • Series:Genius Leadership 101 Series
  • Location:Johnston, IA
  • Day:M-F
  • Time:8:30 - 12:00

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