Genius Leadership 102 Workshop Series-The Integrity Model

The concept of emotional intelligence is top of mind with many organizations around the world. Research proves that as our country’s IQ has risen, our emotional quotient has gone down. EQ skills matter immensely to our success in life. These skills include such factors as self-awareness, impulse control, personal responsibility, social adeptness, etc. Emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth. We can nurture and strengthen it in all of us.

In this program, you will learn:
•Understand the process of self-mastery
• Learn the flaw inherent in the common symbols of success
• Develop a new definition of success based upon your personal paradigm
• Experience the power of your personal paradigm
• Learn the four different paradigms from which people live

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Course Information
  • Title:genius-102
  • Series:Genius Leadership 102 Series
  • Location:Johnston, IA
  • Day:M-F
  • Time:8:30 - 12:00

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