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Full-Service Recruitment

Would you like to find, hire and retain better talent tomorrow?
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Selection & Assessment

Learn how you can have the ability to select the right candidate for the right position….. the first time.

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Process Development

Working in partnership with leaders, teams and organizations to help remove barriers and achieve goals.

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Leadership Training

Enhance your leadership and team effectiveness through our customized training programs.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Testimonial
    Fritz Craiger, Account & Staffing Manager, IMX course graduate

    "All in all, I was moved by the session. I'm not good at self-evaluation, but you drew it out of me today. I give you a "10" as your feedback! There are some items that the session brought to the surface that I need to re-assess and face the Reality. I will be a happier, stronger person as a result of making some changes. Thank you. I look forward to attending the next session."

  • Testimonial
    Steve Anderson, IMX course graduate

    "I am energized by the time spent with Results Group, I truly learned a great deal. I was challenged by some of the different things that you threw my way, and enjoyed the interaction with the other people who were attending. Some were green like me, others were seasoned sales people looking for a refresher course. This was a splendid mix, and also the fact that they came from different industries really made for the perfect atmosphere for me."

  • Testimonial
    Jessica McClure-, IMX course graduate

    I can't thank you enough for the training, it is by far the most valuable training I have ever taken part in. I am extremely excited to start working on connecting the training to the seminars. Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to working with you and Brian!!

  • Testimonial
    Mark Burden, CPBA, CPVA-Partner , Assessments/Talent Management

    Thank you very much for all you gave us this week. It was very informative and useful. Much more application driven than what I had learned before and that will be very valuable going forward. The small group setting was also good as it provided lots of opportunity for dialogue. I am greatly looking forward to using the Innermetrix version of the instruments.

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The bottom line is RESULTS. The Results Group LLC exists to get results for its clients. If you are passionate about your people, your future, your industry and YOUR RESULTS, then contact us today!


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