The Emerging Leader Advisory Council

A Peer Business Advisory Group for Emerging Leaders

The Premise

The Advisory Council is a collection of peers who meet to learn to increase their leadership capabilities, improve their alignment with their supervisors and increase their accountability for their company’s outcomes. The members share a commitment to trust, collaboration, and growth. With the assistance of a trained facilitator, the members move from understanding the practice to practicing the understanding.

The Premise

Almost 70% of employees say they aren’t fully engaged with their work. This causes the company a significant reduction in productivity, bottom-line results, retention, and customer satisfaction. This equates to lost revenue and assets being committed with little return on investment.

The Program

The Advisory Council consists of 10 – 15 emerging leaders, representing different industries. The members meet one full day each month. During the first half of the day, a recognized authority in a topic provides growth challenges and information that can be used immediately upon return to the office. The second half of the day is time for the confidential executive session… open forum where members present issues so their peers can assess, discuss, and solve.

Members of the Advisory Council also have access to cutting edge diagnostic instruments for individual, team, and organizational improvement. Individual coaching is provided at other times during each month. Access to on-line opportunities and libraries is also granted to members.

The Promise

This is NOT another session of training and forgetting; it is a session of growing and applying. Benefits come to the group member, the CEO, and the company. Key leaders will become more aligned with their supervisor. Accountability is internalized, creating a more productive environment. Expenditures are linked to production of competent leaders. Members gain greater perspective on their role and learn to think and act like a C-Level Executive.

As the CEO of a sponsoring company, you can decide how important your emerging leaders are to achieving your objectives. By broadening the perspectives of these key leaders, you increase solutions to complex business challenges and increase the profitability of your company.

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Dates: First Tuesday of each month

Location: Results Group Training Center


Campus Address

1370 NW 114th Street, Suite D Clive, IA 50325

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