Our clients don't buy training and development....

They buy results

Why does your organization train your people?

Why does your organization spend countless hours training and developing staff?

Why does your organization do what it does day in and day out?

One word.


client focused, results driven

Results Group LLC, a Des Moines, IA based, woman-owned small business, is an expert business-oriented employee selection and development firm that specializes in helping companies with their most expensive & valuable assets, their people! We know that RESULTS don’t happen by chance, they are the outcome of a strategic process that begins and ends with effectively working with individuals and teams.

Our unique and proprietary approach focuses on bridging the gap between roles and performance. Building a RESULTS focused culture requires an innovative approach to making sure goals, objectives, skills and your people are aligned.

Through customized developmental, coaching, and process development programs coupled with individual and organizational assessment services we leverage talent to get the best ROI.

Results Group has had the privilege of working in the US and as well as internationally with organizations to strengthen leadership behavior and promote effective change through their people.