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The best companies invest in their people. They realize that their employees are more than a payroll expense. Employees are intelligent and resourceful people who can think, learn, and therefore, continually improve their value and ability to contribute to the organization. Great employees differentiate you from your competition.

Look around, read the literature, and a theme you will discover is that the best companies within any industry invest in their employees by providing them with training to become a a genius at what they do for the organization. Training is not simply another perk or reward for above-par job performance. It is an absolute necessity that pays for itself many times over in improved performance, employee satisfaction and business results.

Why Your Organization Should Invest in Employee Development

  • Employee retention: Staff members develop loyalty to an orgnization because they feel you care about them as individuals. They benefit from personal and professional growth and do not feel their career has stalled out.
  • Staff morale: A company culture that encourages learning and fosters education creates a positive, motivated, and committed workforce.
  • Increased efficiency: The stability and tenure that result from low staff turnover also contribute to efficiency.
  • Job competency: Employees who have received job-specific training are more productive and confident. Ongoing development and emerging leaders programs continually challenge employees while increasing their productivity, job satisfaction and job performance.
  • Customer satisfaction: Yes, employee development and education affects your customers, who benefit from your employees’ skills, positive attitude, and efficiency. Employees who feel they make a difference in the company’s mission do better work.

Fritz Craiger, Account & Staffing Manager, IMX course graduate

"All in all, I was moved by the session. I'm not good at self-evaluation, but you drew it out of me today. I give you a "10" as your feedback! There are some items that the session brought to the surface that I need to re-assess and face the Reality. I will be a happier, stronger person as a result of making some changes. Thank you. I look forward to attending the next session."

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