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The tide of talent raises all ships!

Would you like to find, hire and retain better talent tomorrow?
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The tide of talent raises all ships!

Talent Acquisition: The Results Group’s roots are in recruiting and headhunting. When we embarked on this journey almost 18 years ago we were pioneering NEW and INNOVATIVE approaches to talent acquisition. We were able to get better results in multiple industries and grew a 7 figure practice on these practices and approaches.

Ultimately, Results Group’s focus moved into Organizational Development and Talent Alignment and Development. The energy and time to fulfill recruitment requests became too cumbersome. Results Group made their recruitment “SERVICES” a “PRODUCT” that became incredibly valuable to the market. We continue today, to offer our service as a product and have helped thousands of clients improve their processes and systems for talent acquisition.


Tom McKinley’s addition to our organization has increased our bandwidth to offer this service once again! We have waited for the right individual who shares our values and experience. Tom has spent his entire career leading, building and aligning teams for other organizations. He has taken these decades of success and joins Results Group to create an offering that is unlike any other!

Results Group’s Recruitment Services can be ala-carte all the way to full service! All of our candidates come with a 3-dimensional psychological suite of assessments. We offer a perspective into talent, NO OTHER recruiting firm can. Because we are in the development, coaching, emerging leader identification business, we can look for traits for future leaders and go WAY BEYOND RESUMES!

We are able to look at Talent, Motivation, Engagement, Personality, Behaviors, Personal Confidence, and all of our profiles are EEOC Compliant! We have a track record of success in ALL THINGS PEOPLE and cannot wait to serve our existing clients and meet new ones with this amazing offering!

We are proud to have Tom join our team! Please email Tom today to interview him and see if there is a fit! He has a unique ability to connect opportunities with those hard-to-reach diamonds in the fields of our marketplace! We work all over North America and have a strategy of saying YES!

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