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Improve Your Sales Teams’ Stats Today!

It’s common knowledge, the winners in most major sporting events beat their opponent by a slight margin…

  • To have a batting average of .400 is deemed unachievable
  • Ty Cobb has a lifetime batting average of .366 (The Best)
  • To bat below .250 is considered poor.

The difference is less than 1 hit per 10 at bats between unachievable and unacceptable. And less than ½ a hit between poor and the greatest hitter ever.

Baseball is 4 things:

Hitting, Running, Catching, and Throwing

Sales isn’t much different:

Hunting, Presenting, Closing and Maintaining

Every baseball coach sends his players to spring training. They develop mediocre players into great players by monitoring the stats, increasing skills and accountability. Is your sales team ready for the new season?

Join our Spring Sales Training Boot Camp to Give Your Team What It Needs to Win the Sales Game Today

  • A full day and a half of power-packed training that will differentiate your team from your competitors. Sales is a slight edge game and the boot camp will focus on the crucial topics, that if utilized, will give your team an edge.
  • Our workshops are interactive workshops. Participants are involved in exercises that let them apply the concepts being taught immediately.
  • It’s the most cost-effective and time-effective training of its kind.

Whether your team consists of new recruits, seasoned pros or both, give them the edge by registering today.

Topics Include:

Advanced Questioning

The key differentiator between being a “Peddler Sales Person” and a “Trusted Advisor” is in the questions we ask. To be an “Information Getter not a Giver” we must be given a system to do only 30% of the talking. After this program you will be empowered to keep the prospect talking! Getting the prospect to tell you how to sell them is the only objective!

Advanced Objection Handling

The biggest myth to overcoming objections is that you can actually overcome them. The proven strategy is to help the prospect to overcome their own objection by discovering how the objection became one to begin with. The objections we typically get on sales calls are the objections we bring. Therefore learning the proper techniques and strategies to get a prospect to clarify exactly what their decision making process is and then clarifying the buying strategy is easy to get when these skills and tactics are applied to the selling process!

What’s Your Sales Genius? How the Best Think for Success

The industrial economy is dead! Are you positioned to compete in today’s Intellectual economy? 80% of the United States’ GDP is now in services not manufacturing. In the intellectual age, people are the new raw material. The real value of an employee in today’s organizations is based on their ability to think, not do. We can no longer throw bodies at problems.

Driving consistent sales results is rooted in good communication. Getting out of our own way is the first step in getting results more often. Understanding ourselves allows us to control situations. Understanding personalities allows us to control outcomes. Invest your time to learn the tools you need to communicate with even the most difficult individual.


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