As organizations grow and become more complex, it's challenging to divert critical daily resources to develop new processes. We partner with you to leverage your existing information systems policies, procedures and management to develop or restructure them into processes that work for you.

This program is an initiative targeting new employees, which seeks to help them perform better in their jobs sooner, with a closer connection to the companies own unique culture and way of doing things. Extending beyond the new employee orientation which continues to be housed at the departmental level, the Onboarding Program is designed with Human Resources involvement and will work to develop those new employees on a more macro-level.

The Onboarding Program will encompass a full series of trainings and seminars over an employee’s first year, aiming to bring your newest employees up to speed efficiently.

The program aims to develop an employee’s understanding of your company, how you do business, your policies and procedures, and how they fit and excel within your company. Designed with development and engagement in mind, initial training sessions and department interviews will be held throughout an employee’s first week on the job. Each training activity covers a new topic, opening up a new opportunity for learning for the employee.

Different components of the program include:
  • a focus and history of your company
  • interview with each department to understand how they interact and support their new position
  • professional and personal development opportunities
  • job-specific and safety trainings

The Onboarding Program has a focus of retention and employee development. It is designed for the whole employee, keeping them connected to the organization, and maintaining awareness of their needs in context of their new work environment.

Program objectives:
  • Increase new employee productivity with training on company’s culture and systems
  • Improve new employee safety by training them on injury prevention and the company’s safety culture.
  • Improve retention rates of new employees within all employee groups.
  • Provide audience-specific, in-depth, timely information over a period of time, so that the information is useful and memorable for the new employee.

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