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Read the wonderful things our clients say about Results Group and our services.


“I really enjoyed the training environment. The scholastic training environment teaches principles however the unconventional training method, the Results Group utilized, was extremely beneficial as it was applicable to all individuals using real life experiences and stories. I would highly recommend this type of training to other organizations.“

W. Kelly Mendenhall Vice President, Product Management
TMG Global


“I have participated in 20+ leadership training courses at 7 publicly traded companies, but this was my favorite. Trainers typically put a lot of information in front of you that despite their efforts, feels academic. We all leave there largely unchanged, and feeling that leadership can’t be taught. But the session with Bryan was different. This penetrated the training “noise” with a message that clicked. We all left genuinely convinced of a few key points. We all left being believers in honest, timely communication about whether or not we are meeting standards, rather than being able to spout off some generic leadership training lip service. Not to mention, we were highly entertained. It was unconventional, yet more effective than what any publicly traded company has spent a lot of money to put in front of me.“

Courtney McKibbin,Business Planning & Strategy Lead
TMG Global

Ethical Conduct and Your Insurance Career

“Great class and great instructor. Jill uses a proven behavioral assessment tool and applies it to real world situations that allows the entire class to see and understand ethics from a perspective you may not have considered. Her class is very conversational and engaging. I highly recommend this ethics training course.“

Zach Mefferd, Independent Insurance Agent
Coverage Direct

Ethical Conduct and Your Insurance Career

“This was the most beneficial ethics class I have ever taken. Great perspective on how to ethically deal with the challenging people in our lives. Very engaging class that gives you a new perspective on how to communicate with others. Highly recommended!“

Ryan Swalve, Independent Insurance Agent
Coverage Direct

Ethical Conduct and Your Insurance Career

“The class was very dynamic and the subject was relevant to today's insurance professionals.“

Josh Giesemann, Assistant VP Creative Marketing
American Equity

Ethical Conduct and Your Insurance Career

“The class was interactive and exciting! I enjoyed the materials that we went over. And it helped me learn on a business level a bit about myself. I recommended this class to all the agents I know, and my personal agent. Best continuing education class I have ever been in.“

Natalie Messenger, Agent
Jerry Jenkins Agency
Farmers Insurance



Thank you for setting the tone for our meeting. Heard nothing but positive comments regarding your presentation!

Not only was the content (all) relevant, but the delivery was spot-on as well. And, as Tim and I told you the evening before, if you could get the group engaged the presentation would be a success. Mission accomplished!

Enjoyed our discussion(s) and time we had together.

The peak is now within our reach!“

Tim McCord
Empire Paper

Recruiting Process

“Hiring sucks – With that said, we started using The Results Group for screening people. Let me tell you, this is spot on. We will never hire anyone without them taking the ADVanced Insights Assessment.“

Sarah Conn, Vice President
American Rooter Plumbing

ADVanced Insights Training

“I wanted to thank all of you for allowing us the opportunity to go through training the last couple of days. It was really awesome! I think this is going to be an amazing resource for our clients and candidates as well as for internal hiring and development. I took so much away from the class and really appreciate the time, energy, and investment in offering this to our group.

Huge Thanks!!!!!“


I learned a lot!

“Thanks for providing a training that wasn’t boring! I learned a lot!“

Chris Dornbusch
Larry’s Windows

A great training session

“Thank you so much for a great training session and so many amazing ideas for my business. You are both such gifted trainers and giving people. Thank you for all of your insight and knowledge.“

Michelle Bisno - President
Achievement In Motion

Our best meeting yet

“Bryan presented a sales workshop and another on advanced questioning at our annual shareholder meeting. Both were outstanding and the feedback from those attending was this was our best meeting yet.“

Greg LaMair
LMC Insurance and Risk Management

Time well spent

“If you believe in having a selling system, it would be time well spent to have Results Group deliver team development and one on one coaching. Their ability to get people “engaged” and “involved” is awesome. Results Group will bring your team’s level of understanding and working knowledge to a whole new level.“

Greg Bartek, Sales Manager
Thorton Brothers Sales Performance

Advanced Insights works

“We use the Advanced Insights to evaluate almost all of our new employees. Recognizing that different positions within the company require different skill sets and personalities. The assessments have been used to review the personality sets once a candidate has gone through the initial interview process to see if they match the perceived personalities of existing successful employees in the respective position. Regarding all sales people, we typically evaluate the candidates based upon the proven results that you have provided. Rarely do we find an exact match, but it allows us to evaluate and ask questions about the perceived weaknesses that the candidate possesses.“

Dwight H. Sawtell, Chief Financial Officer
Assessments/Talent Management

Tremendous 2 days

“Thank you again so much for a tremendous 2 days of training. The training far exceeded my expectations and I am even more certain how important this is and what an integral part of my business it must be. I am eager to take it to the next level. Also, I am excited that I can reach out to you from time-to-time to connect some ideas and strategizing.“

“It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Results Group. Their understanding and expertise in the implementation of the Innermetrix process is remarkable. Having attended the 2-day training I am struck with how much Results Group is living the purpose and how connected they are with their passion to drive results for their clients. Bryan is a tremendous teacher and the 2-day was a great balance of learning and actual implementation. It’s very interactive and enjoyable as well. I left with not only a deep understand of how to use the instrument but am now implementing it and driving results for my business and my clients. Thank you Results Group for super-charging my business.“

Neal Tricarico, President
Ultimate Growth Inc.

Very practical

“I would like to express to you how impressed I was with the certification training that Results Group put on recently. As one who was previously certified by another body I was expecting to yawn my way through most of the 2-day program, but instead found that I was learning things from a very practical (read application) perspective at every stage. The information was useful, helpful, engaging and fact-based, and I came away much better equipped to execute my work than before the program.“

Mark Burden, CPBA, CPVA, CIPartner
Assessments/Talent Management

Innermetrix Certification Training

“Once again, thank you for a wonderful experience this past week in the Innermetrix Certification Training. I am so pleased with how powerful the material is, along with the outstanding presentation. I have nothing but high praise for the work. Again, I am so pleased with the level of kindness, professionalism and commitment to excellence; I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have developed a relationship with Results Group.“

Michael Palazzo, Founder/ Executive
Coach Masters International, LLC

Guidance for the past year

“Thank you both again for your help and guidance over the better part of the past year. These reports have provided us with excellent insight and have prevented us from making some poor potential hires that we have normally done without this too!“

Robert Santora, Assessments/Talent Management
United Packaging

Positive and Inspiring

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for presenting last week at ING. The feedback I’ve received has been nothing but positive and inspiring. The energy you brought to the group was great and just what our group needed. With uncertain times ahead, your perspective on things really hit home. Looking forward to seeing you again when you conduct the 2nd session here at ING. Thanks again for your great work!“

Carlie Anderson Business Relationship Manager

Assessment Tool

“Thanks so much! We have been very pleased with the assessment tool, so when the opportunity arises, you’ll be our first call.“

Brian Peters, Assessments/Talent Management
Peters Supply


“Everyone enjoyed the presentation and so many people felt the assessment was very accurate. I have received lots of positive feedback from the participants. Thank you to Results Group and to William Penn University for bringing that to us.“

Natalie McGee, Director Human Resources
Chariton-Hy-Vee, Inc.

Innermetrix Works

“Thank you very much for all you gave us this week. It was very informative and useful. Much more application driven than what I had learned before and that will be very valuable going forward. The small group setting was also good as it provided lots of opportunity for dialogue. I am greatly looking forward to using the Innermetrix version of the instruments.“

John Deere
Mark Burden, CPBA, CPVA-Partner, Assessments/Talent Management

Best training I have ever had. Thanks Results Group!

“I can’t thank you enough for the training, it is by far the most valuable training I have ever taken part in. I am extremely excited to start working on connecting the training to the seminars. Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to working with you and Brian!!“

Delta Dental
Jessica McClure - IMX course graduate

I am energized again!

“I am energized by the time spent with Results Group, I truly learned a great deal. I was challenged by some of the different things that you threw my way, and enjoyed the interaction with the other people who were attending. Some were green like me, others were seasoned sales people looking for a refresher course. This was a splendid mix, and also the fact that they came from different industries really made for the perfect atmosphere for me.“

Steve Anderson - IMX course graduate

I give you a “10” as your feedback!

“All in all, I was moved by the session. I’m not good at self-evaluation, but you drew it out of me today. I give you a “10” as your feedback! There are some items that the session brought to the surface that I need to re-assess and face the Reality. I will be a happier, stronger person as a result of making some changes. Thank you. I look forward to attending the next session.“

Fritz Craiger, Account & Staffing Manager - IMX course graduate