Kathy Nielsen

Trainer & Facilitator

Kathy Nielsen is very passionate about the operations of businesses and the attention, or lack thereof, that goes to the office and the need to protect companies.

Kathy has been in the service industry for over 20 years. Beginning as an office manager for a heating and cooling company , throughout her career, she moved into a General Manager position of a larger heating and cooling company and grew and polished that company into a leader in their area. Later, while in Texas running a plumbing company, she helped many of her industry peers through coaching, teaching software use and how to do what she did as a successful GM. She found her passion with coaching and teaching. She also brings the view of the other side of the picture married to a technician herself for over 21 years. She also taught a group called Office Champions Club to grow great leaders and managers from those that were great doers at their jobs that we put in positions of management without teaching those skills. She is certified in assessments with Results Group for leadership, team, and individual development including creating hiring process and tools to get the right people on the right seat of the bus and keep them!

She is very passionate when talking about the forgotten spoke in the wheel called operations and all that encompasses.

Kathy Nielsen

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