Genius Mastermind Groups

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

The Master Mind group will meet for the purpose of discussing High Performance
Leadership. From the group, ideas concerning leadership will come pouring into the
minds of each member. The minds of the ‘Master Mind’ group become as magnets,
attracting ideas and thought stimuli allowing each member to think bigger and stretch
beyond existing boundaries.

Benefits of Joining the Master Mind Group:

• Establishes the framework to surround yourself with professionals that hold you accountable to
success personally, as a team member and as an organizational leader.
• Your Master Mind group will have professionals with similar experience levels, ambition, and
desire for achievement with no competitors.
• The Master Mind group will adhere to best practices including organized meeting times and
agenda, open communication, group collaboration built on trust and honesty as well as having fun.
• Each Master Mind group allows members to extend his or her network exponentially.
• Each Master Mind session engages in new learning. New content will be introduced during each
session. By interacting and sharing your challenges on the topic, it’s almost certain that someone
in your group will have a solution for you and you may also be able to offer a solution, connection
or tactic to help someone else.
• The Master Mind groups engage in cross-promotion. As a member you will find ways to help each
other promote to your respective networks.
• Groups think bigger together. Being in a Master Mind group will truly give you a Masterful
Mind! You will think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people
doing amazing things.

Classes for the Mastermind Group:

➢ Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Leaders
➢ Driving Company Performance Through Employee Engagement for Today’s Leaders
➢ Resolving Conflict for Today’s Leaders
➢ Organizational Transformation for Today’s Leader
➢ Leadership Roles for Today’s Leaders
➢ Celebrating Diversity for Today’s Leaders
➢ Building Trust for Today’s Leaders
➢ Leveraging Time for Today’s Leaders
➢ Teamwork for Today’s Leaders
➢ Effective Communication for Today’s Leaders
➢ Leading with Vision for Today’s Leaders
➢ Powers of Persuasion for Today’s Leaders