By Jennifer Erickson

As a leader, how do you judge success?  Is it when a meeting flows and everyone is in agreement?  Is it when you make a presentation, then ask for questions and don’t hear any?  Is it when goals are met, and there has been little disruption?  In other words…business as usual.

As a leader, what do you value from your team?  Do you value discussion of how to carry out a project, following recognized procedures?  Do you prize discussions where a couple people speak, and then others nod in accord? Do you ask your team to bring you solutions, instead of just problems?

Do you lead by following the status quo?  Hey, it worked before.  Why would we fix something if it’s not broken?  Some leaders equate success with calm discussions and agreement forged easily.  They think this means their team is attuned with each other.  And, a team in harmony will be productive.

But, what if this weren’t true?




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