By: Bryan Arzani

In their book Whiplash:  How to Survive a Faster Future, Joi Ito and Jeff Howe proclaim that leadership is seeing the world in new ways.  They offer 9 principles to survive in this fast world, create your environment to what you want it to be, and to thrive.  The 9 principles are:

  • Emergence over authority
  • Pull over push
  • Compasses over maps
  • Risk over safety
  • Disobedience over compliance
  • Practice over theory
  • Diversity over ability
  • Resilience over strength
  • Systems over objects


We’re going to apply principles 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 to our discussion of becoming better leaders.  Pull over push represents two divergent views of decision making:  push—all resources are pushed to where the decision makers believe they could be used best.  This approach is cumbersome.  The best use of human resources is to pull them into a project….using just what’s needed; when it’s needed. Think of the energy you’ll save from not putting people on a project just because “they might be able to offer something” or because “they are the head of that department”.  Following the idea of pull – using just what’s needed, when it’s needed – will create a more engaged team.


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