By Jennifer Erickson

Servant leaders are so needed in our society.  A servant leader is a person who first decided to serve, then chose to lead.  Developing people and ensuring each person on his/her team is ‘well-fed’ is what drives servant leaders.  They’ve learned how to ensure each person knows his/her worth and value to the team.  These leaders have learned to put their needs aside, and to continually push for the good of the team.  These leaders have understood humility, and that glory comes from the team’s efforts.

Being accountable is hard, if you base your self-worth and success on never being wrong.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been wrong at some point in his/her life.  I know people who try to pretend they haven’t been wrong, sometimes to the point of blaming others for failures.  Shedding oneself of the fear paradigm allows you to learn from mistakes.  Really, this is the best training ground.  Being accountable means owning those mistakes and then saying, “Hey, what can I learn from this?”  While an example of the integrity paradigm, it’s also an excellent behavior to model to our team members.


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