By Bryan Arzani


Stephen Covey talked about imagining your 80th birthday and the friends and family who would come to the party to honor you.  If you were the subject of the speeches, what would you like to hear being said about you?  About your integrity?  About your ability to care…to connect?  Your achievements and impact?  He suggested living now with that picture of your 80th birthday in your mind. In this, you’d find a definition of true success.

I would imagine some of you already have a picture of this in your mind. You can see the people around the table; maybe you can even hear what’s being said.  So, if this is a snapshot of how you can be remembered (or memorialized), what are you doing today to get to this point!

Leadership is influence. Leaders empower others and work to create a culture of engagement, acceptance, and calculated risk taking.

Leadership is humility. Leaders share the spotlight when strides are made.  They recognize that we are interdependent on each other and that no one person can do it alone.  Leaders say, “Thanks. I couldn’t have done this without you.”  And, they mean it.

Leadership is doing the hard work.  It’s about making goals, not excuses.  It’s about offering yourself up to do any task that you would ask others to do.

How are you living your life, right now, to influence others, be humble in the process, and get your hands dirty?  Answering those questions can help you create future memories of the leader—-which you are living in the present.


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